About Matahari Villas

Gili Asahan is one of the “The Secret Islands” near Bali, is located off the South West Lombok Coast, just one and half hours by speed boat from Bali. It’s unspoilt and largely undiscovered. You can reach it with a boat that takes about 5 minutes from Lombok.

Island is very peaceful and relaxing. During your stay you will be surrounded by soft white sand, green palm trees and clear turquoise waters.

If you are already in Lombok, we can provide the pick up at the hotel or at International Lombok Airport till Kores harbour where he can reach Asahan with a  local boat which takes about 5 minutes from Lombok (Kores harbour). Or by Fast Boat From Bali( Serangan Harbour) to Gili Gede for 1 hour 45 Minutes only, and another 15 Minutes from Gili Gede to Gili Asahan By Local Boat.

Why we do it

I brought with me a couple of books for holiday, but rather than reading them I found myself swanning about in Matahari Villas. Forgetting reality, I was relaxing in a hammock, and exploring the Island before returning to my Villa; where, while resting upon my comfortable, pristine bed, I was lulled to sleep by the sound of rolling waves; just twenty metres from the open windows. ‘Thank you Rara, your villa is lovely. I’m definitely coming back here next year to put my feet to the white sand!


We hear this very often and it’s a really great feeling to make people happy. This also refers to us – Gili Asahan and Matahari Villas will always make us forget about everything and we will fully enjoy time spent.

Commitment to Sustainability

Matahari Villas liaise with the village to clean the beach and the island in general, paying for each bag of plastic to inspire the population and especially the children of the island, to keep it clean and respect nature.

We use all glass bottles (no plastic). We separate garbage, and don’t use plastic straws. Hand sanitizers available according to new health protocols. Our light bulbs are LED. Toiletries are refillable.