Villa Triangels

One bedrooms are best for couples for romantic holiday and honeymoon. Villa Triangels offers a spacious bedroom with king sized bed, closed bathroom with shower, toilet and sink, fully equipped with cosmetics and towels; and terrace set on a garden, all the Triangels Villas are sea view.

Veranda & Terrace

Your private terrace lets you relax surrounded by the beach, palms and beautiful Flamboyan trees, and stunning sea view. The verandas are equipped with benches, lots of chairs and table in case you want to have your meal outside.


Our bedroom offers a king size bed and full set of bed sheets. Bed is set in front of the double terrace door, when you open it you will get to a garden with close distance to the sea.


In the villa’s closed bathroom you will find shower, toilet and stylish sink. Bathroom is equipped with a full set of cosmetics and towels.