Snorkeling & Diving

Gili Asahan also has natural beauty under the sea – good to explore for divers, good for beginners who do snorkeling. Ask for snorkelling and diving equipment at Matahari Villas!

Here there are several diving spots that are a favorite for divers, one of which is the secret garden.

For those who like underwater photos, the secret garden diving spot in Gili Asahan is the right place as a location because it has a water visibility of about 25 meters, clear enough to take pictures of various coral reefs and fish. In this location there is a nudibranch which is often the target of divers because of its beauty.

Furthermore, there are sanctions points. Characteristics of dynamic waters, sometimes calm, sometimes flowing. The inhabitants of this diving point are fish with various colors, soft corals, hard corals, anemones and many more. With a visibility of 25-30 meters makes it easy for photographers to capture its beauty.

The next diving point that is no less captivating is Belongan. Here there are clusters of pinacle corals with a diameter of 2 m and a height of about 5 m, there are also frog fish and lobsters. Even though the visibility is only around 10-15 meters, Belongan is still interesting to explore. Belongan is also suitable for diving spots at night. If there is a full moon, it is possible that the moonlight will penetrate the water at a certain depth. There are cuttlefish, crustaceans, crabs, fish of various kinds can be found.

Besides diving, other activities that can be done are swimming, snorkeling or just taking a walk to enjoy the natural beauty of Gili Asahan which is quite calm. Gili Asahan is also blessed with climbable hills and several fauna that are similar to those in Australia because the Lombok Strait is a marker of the boundary of Asian flora and fauna or better known as the Wallace Line.